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Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Sporting Clays or "Golf with a Shotgun," for 1

GG - Sporting Clays or "Golf with a Shotgun," for 1

Jim Ledesma (8th & 3rd grade parent) will be your guide for a 2-hour session of Sporting Clay Shooting at Triple B Clays Shotgun Sports Park in El Monte. Package includes transportation to and from Triple Bs, shotgun rental, ammo, ear and eye protection, and Sporting Clay targets.

Sporting Clays replicate the different shooting experiences encountered in the field while bird hunting. What began as hunting practice is now a recreational and competitive sport in its own right. Triple B hosts a full complement of target-standard battues, rockets, rabbits, minis, and midis. If you have prescription eye protection, please bring it with you. Brief safety quiz administered before session.

Expires April 29,2018.

Expires: 4/29/2018

Category: Guys & Gals

Value: $160

Minimum Bid: $63

Donor(s): Jim Ledesma


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