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Saturday, April 29, 2017
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10 VIP Tickets for Long Beach Laugh Factory

OT - 10 VIP Tickets for Long Beach Laugh Factory

Researchers at Loma Linda University and Oakcrest Health Research Institute in Yucaipa discovered that a good belly laugh appears to beneficially affect the body's hormones. "The benefits of laughter are similar to exercise, " says lead researcher Lee Berk of Loma Linda University. "Laughter has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure is lowered overall and resting heart rate decreases. Additionally the immune system appears to get tuned up." In short, he says, "We should become more serious about laughter". Bring 9 of your friends for a dose of laughter at Long Beach's Laugh Factory!

Expires 8/20/2017. Not valid special events or holidays. 2 drink minimum.

Expires: 8/20/2017

Category: Out On The Town

Value: $250

Minimum Bid: $125

Donor(s): Laugh Factory LB


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