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Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Makers Mark Whiskey & Cigars Package

WS - Makers Mark Whiskey & Cigars Package

The unique taste of Maker's Mark can largely be attributed to water. The limestone shelf in our area of Kentucky removes all the iron from the springs, and a number of these iron-free springs feed directly into Bourbon Lake, the calcium-rich lake which surrounds our distillery. And because Bourbon Lake is so calcium rich, it is the only water we use for production. All that wonderful, pure water is great for our sour-mash process and our bourbon's wonderful amber hue.
Choice Cuban-seed filler and binder tobaccos from the Dominican Republic are infused with famous Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon and covered with a Sumatra wrapper. To preserve the sweet, caramel-like flavor and scent, each cigar is enclosed in a glass tube hand-dipped in Maker's Mark's signature red wax. This amazing Toro is a bourbon-lover's dream!
Package includes: 1 bottle Makers Mark, 1 liter bottle and 2 cigars.

Category: Wine & Spirits

Value: $96

Minimum Bid: $48

Donor(s): John & Yvette Brahy

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