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Havana Nights!
Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Take Me Out to the Ball Game! (4 Angels Games)

CS - Take Me Out to the Ball Game! (4 Angels Games)

Come out to Anaheim to enjoy FOUR NIGHTS of baseball, salty peanuts and Adams throwing strikes all night long! This package includes four tickets with premiere parking for the following games:

Saturday, May 6th against Houston Astros
Monday, May 15th against Chicago White Sox
Monday, May 29th against Atlanta Braves
Monday, August 7th against Baltimore Orioles

Seats for all games are in Section F123.

Select games. May 6, May 15, May 29 and August 7.

Expires: 8/7/2017

Category: Concerts & Sporting Events

Value: $1,770

Minimum Bid: $1,000

Donor(s): Samulski Family

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