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Saturday, April 29, 2017
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Generations of Dreams Barbie

GG - Generations of Dreams Barbie

This is an extremely rare Barbie doll. It is one of only 500 made, which is less than most Platinum Label dolls. The Generations of Dreams Barbie Doll was designed by Robert Best to commemorate Barbie's 50th anniversary in 2009. The regular release of the doll was only made available in two versions: Blonde/Caucasian and African-American; these two are inexpensive and very easy to find.

Barbie Collector created this exclusive brunette doll to benefit the Women's Conference Charities. This exclusive brunette version features a sticker at the bottom of the box with the Women's Conference logo and a notation from Mattel (Specially donate by Mattel, Inc.). The box is also signed/autographed by designer Robert Best.

Category: Guys & Gals

Value: Potential for Appreciation

Minimum Bid: $497

Donor(s): Shawn & Lisa Bandy

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