Westerly School Presents.....
Havana Nights!
Saturday, April 29, 2017

TA - Six Flags Magic Mountain Adventure for FOUR Students

Value: $655

TA - Art Party With Mr. Pickens and Mr. Elicker, for 20 Kids

Value: Party With Friends

TA - Day Trip Excursion to California Poppies with Patrick

Value: $400

TA - Monster Jam with Mr. & Mrs. Jimenez, for 4

Value: $270

TA - Duffy Boat Ride with Ms. Estrada & Ms. Jones, for 3

Value: $250

TA - Wildcats at Glowzone

Value: Party With Friends

TA - Lunch and The Beach or Pedicures with Ms. Estrada, for 3

Value: Fun In The Sun

TA - Movies and Lunch with Mrs. Ashworth, for 3

Value: Once In A Lifetime

TA - Magic Mountain Group Getaway!

Value: $200

TA - Family Musical Morning Excursion at Pacific Symphony with Mrs. Geiser

Value: $200

TA - Hip Hop Class with Ms. Ngo

Value: $200

TA - Lunch on Second Street

Value: Party With Friends

TA - In-N-Out for Your Child's Class Delivered by Mrs. Proven

Value: Party With Friends

TA - Sneak Off Campus for Lunch with Mrs. Cherin, for 3

Value: Priceless

TA - Books at Bedtime with Ms. Estrada

Value: VIP Treatment

TA - Howie's Game Shack Party with Mr. Melendez, for 3

Value: $100

TA - Live Like Royalty with Mr. Morgan & Ms. Gobas

Value: $100
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